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Precious insights on trends, best practices and technology, gathered carefully by the Namastay team through our conversations with hospitality industry stakeholders.

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About Namastay booking tool

The Namastay booking tool supports players in the hotel industry towards a better understanding of their universe, and supports their development.

Valuable information to get to know the world of the hotel industry better

With this tool, the Namastay team carefully collects valuable information on trends in the hospitality world. We know the best practices and technologies that allow you to move forward and progress in your day-to-day business. Our conversations with hospitality industry players have helped us develop an efficient management system that is easy to use by all members of your team.

Better understand your customers

The data that you collect thanks to Namastay allows you to better understand your customers, their habits, to identify trends related to the seasonality of your activity, and to collect feedback, essential to progress. But that's not all: by offering your customers the possibility of booking directly through your website, you show them that you are at the cutting edge of technology. You provide them with quality service, from the first contact, and start building a solid relationship long before you meet them!With our hotel management system, you can segment your market and your guests, and analyze the structure of your clientele, thanks to demographic data such as age, gender and nationality. This valuable information helps you make informed decisions about your marketing strategy and positively influences long-term sales.

Powerful booking software

Manage reservations better

Namastay allows you to increase your short and long term booking rates. Our hotel management system helps you efficiently and easily manage your reservations, without you having to enter or manage them manually. The entire process is automated, so you can focus completely on your customers.

Enjoy the benefits of direct bookings

Thanks to the direct bookings allowed through the Namastay tool, you make more profits. Travelers no longer need to go through OTAs or a travel agency to book their stays at your establishment, and you no longer have to pay commissions. This will allow you to maximize the revenue from your reservations.But that's not all: our hotel management tool allows you to support changes in the behavior of customers, who now prefer to book online rather than calling by phone to finalize their reservations. You can direct direct bookings to your own website, and have a clear short, medium and long term vision of your planning: you see which rooms are successful and are booked well in advance, which rooms are less popular, and better understand the impact of seasonality on your revenue.

Increase your online presence

Online presence is essential if you want to catch the eye of your customers! Thanks to Namastay, you increase the presence of your brand online. Our hotel management software integrated into your website creation tool gives you the possibility of accepting direct online reservations, while developing a user-friendly, ergonomic, fluid and uncluttered website. Your ranking in search engine results will also be boosted, allowing more travelers to discover your hotel when searching online.

Namastay : a Hotel management software

Simplify your organization

Namastay is an essential tool, which accompanies hotels of all sizes in their organization every day. Our hotel management system manages your daily tasks: it not only supports you in the booking phase, but also helps you simplify your administrative tasks. This tool represents a valuable support, allowing you to carry out your daily operations with peace of mind, and to have all the keys to improving the overall customer experience: from the reservation, to the comments left online at the end of the stay. , through the reception, the entry of cancellations, the creation of your daily agenda or the invoicing, your hotel management software plays a central role in improving the experience offered by your brand.

The functionalities present in the Namastay tool have all been designed for one and only purpose: to allow you to manage your hotel more easily in a particularly competitive international economic context.

Manage your income

Pricing your rooms correctly is key to succeeding in this competitive industry. With Namastay, implement an effective revenue management strategy. Using innovative pricing tools, you create a flexible pricing strategy for each of your rooms. You adapt the rates according to the season, the type of room, the prices charged by the competition, the discount codes you offer, the packages, the time when the room is reserved (last minute or reservation well in advance )… You will be able to maximize the revenue generated per room, at all times!

Avoid mistakes and double bookings

Hotel management systems allow you to avoid double bookings and overbookings. Thanks to the automation of tasks, you also avoid errors when reception staff enter important customer data, such as name, email address, passport details, card numbers… You benefit from more reliable business data and reports, which will effectively serve your future communication campaigns.All these details help you to offer a better experience to your customers, who save precious time when they book their room within your establishment. Your staff, on the other hand, has more time to focus on important tasks, such as reception and customer satisfaction!