Hotel reservation management: how to do it well in high season?

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In high season, the management of hotel reservations is particularly complicated. Many hotels are faced with a sudden and heavy workload. During this period of the year, organisation must be impeccable for optimising your time. To avoid getting lost in time-consuming tasks, you can turn to certain tools, such as reservation modules, channel managers, or internal communication applications. Let's take a closer look at these tips to help you live the high season with peace of mind!

Booking modules on your website

The first tip to manage bookings efficiently during the high season is to turn to online reservation modules, such as Namastay. Directly installed on your website, they accompany you in order to optimise your reservation system through better visibility of hotel availability and a fast and secure payment system.

Thanks to this tool, the customer who arrives on your website can make a reservation in a few clicks, from A to Z, without having to go through a platform such as Booking or TripAdvisor. The customer can then discover in a few seconds your different rooms, the availability, the rates, select the dates that suit him/her, and proceed directly to the payment. 

Everything is managed in the system, you don't have to do anything! The idea? To save you precious time, by not having to manage reservations one by one, by phone or by email. Thanks to this tool, you have time to focus on welcoming your customers and help them on the daily organisation of their stay. For an optimised management of the hotel during high season, that's the secret!

Hotel management tools

During the peak season, you need to save time. However, by presenting your offers on several distribution channels, you must constantly update all the schedules of all the sites manually, several times a day. To avoid this waste of time, you can rely on certain management tools such as Channel Managers.

The aim of this essential management tool is to avoid manual management of reservation systems as much as possible. The Channel Manager automatically removes booked rooms from all other sites. This way you avoid double bookings, which are so bad for your brand image. 

With this tool, you have access to an up-to-date schedule in real time, and no longer have any difficulty in consulting the bookings that have been made via the various distribution channels. You have an overview on:

  • The occupancy rate of your hotel;
  • All of your bookings;
  • All of the rates you offer;
  • Your performance on each of the booking channels: you can then see which channels are more successful. To support your development strategy for the rest of the year, this is important information!

Henrietta Hotel in London

Boost your internal productivity

In order to manage your hotel's bookings during the peak season, you need to increase the productivity of your in-house teams.

Promote communication

Every employee should have access to all essential information at all times. Use tools such as Slack, Monday or Whatsapp to create discussion groups for each facility or department. Each employee can then talk about customer needs and tasks to be done in a few seconds: to save time, and at the same time improve the service you offer to your customers, think about it! 

Subcontracting non-hotel assignments

Outsource any tasks that are not within your area of expertise. The key to managing your hotel's bookings during the peak season is to focus on the essentials. A hotel professional cannot be a marketer, a web designer, a photographer, or a professional accountant all at the same time. If you have these jobs to do, turn to professionals who are experts in their field, who will not only save you a lot of time, but who will also be more efficient.

Invest in a broadband internet connection

To better manage the high traffic in your hotel during the high season, don't waste time with a slow internet connection. The icing on the cake is that your guests will also be satisfied with the high quality connection you offer them!

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